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How a small business got killed by EVIL

Since early 2012 has been under constant negative SEOs attacks. Resulting in the death of a small business.
After a major cleaning of links we finally managed to lift the manual penalty given by Google, but March 6th 2014, as the site was slowly resurfacing in the search results, the site got hit again by a manual penalty. was the last place truly supporting indy software for Mac, it is very sad that EVIL companies decided to destroy a small family business just for the fun of it..

All this has been made possible thanks to the google spam team lead by Matt Cutts, creating a major flaw in the algorithm, allowing for small businesses all over the world to be crushed in a fraction of a second.

Photo of Matt Cutts, the man who doesn't care about small businesses

Thank you for hearing our rant ! And now for some fun : Click here to access some mac games !